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My simple RULES

To a little blog page about my miniature models.
I hope you enjoy it.

As Gamers Age
Here are pictures of my most recent 25-30mm paint jobs. I've always liked to paint though my skill never matured beyond 'stand off' quality. These are a Frostgrave Warband I assembled as two teams, wizard & apprentice. They were the most difficult models I ever painted. Not because they were complex or because I was trying something clever. A few months before I started on them I developed some pretty massive 'eye floaters'. If you don't know what they are, you're probably a lot younger than me. Google it and see what you have to look forward to.
Anywho - I pretty much decided that was it for me and slapping paint around about a year ago now. But like most things that happen as we age, we learn to seek compromise. I was browsing ebay last month and came across the 54mm fantasy and sci-fi models (toys really) from Tehnolog (a Russian company). I liked them a lot. Needless to say, I'll be making a number of upcoming entries about these - as well as the Beer & Pretzles rules set I'm honing to get people to play in this scale. Cheers!
[my frostgrave wizard]
[my frostgrave apprentice]

Tehnolog 54mm Plastics
Here is the four piece set of werewolves from Tehnolog, a Russian toymaker. I like the varied, dynamic poses. As you might expect from items like this, there was a bit of flash that needed to be cleaned up but that wasn't really a big deal. My bases are commercial grade floor tile that I cut to two inches (50mm) with a hole saw mounted in a drill press. I pin one foot to the base and use CA to bond them.
[some werewolves]

The Wolfen Gang
Here's the completed models for the 33 Point "Wolfen Gang" in all their magesty.
(I LIKE glossy minis. Deal with it.)

[My Painted Wolfen Models]

ALPHA: Commander 12 Pts
Hero +2 - Heavy Armor 0 - Combat Master +2 - Double Strike +2 - Ignores Armor +2 - Tough +2 - Quick +2

FANG: 9 Pts
Hero +2 - Lite Armor +1 - Inspiration +2 - Tough +2 - Quick +2

SCRAP: 5 Pts
Hero +2 - Lite Armor +1 - Quick +2

MANGE: 7 Pts
Hero +2 - Lite Armor +1 - Double Strike +2 - Quick +2