Humanism:   Unlike Graeber's "Are You an Anarchist?" which I used to introduce visitors to Anarchism, I have not found any pieces appropriate to my notion of Humanism that would allow me to share my thoughts here. The reader will need to endure my imperfect writing on the subject.
Humanism is opposed to Deism. Deism is, of course, the notion that all philosophy and the state of man originates with deity. Humans being products of the divine. By contrast, Humanism ascribes our every higher characteristic to human thought and will. We are self fulfilling, relying on no cosmic impetus to form or direct us. Our greatness is our own and our failings ours as well.
Humanism is not atheism. While both share a denial in the existence of a fathomable god which moves us, Humanism reaches beyong denial, representing a positive belief and reliance in our Human nature. Unlike Atheism, whose core is disbelief, Humanism at it's center it belief. Belief in ourselves and our species. We act alone in the universe and will nobly succeed or fail upon our own strengths and weaknesses.