My Little Red Songbook

Billy Bragg - Waiting For the Great Leap Forward

It [D] may have been [A] Camelot for [G] Jack and Jacque[A]line
But on the [D] Che Guevara [A] highway filling [G] up with gaso[A]line
[D] Fidel Castro's [A] brother spies a [G] rich lady who's [A] crying
Over [D] luxury's disap[A]pointment So he walks [G] over and he's [A] trying
To [G] sympathise with [A] her but he [D] thinks that he should [G] warn her
That the [G] Third World is [A] just around the [D] corner.

[D] In the Soviet [A] Union a [G] scientist is [A] blinded
By the [D] resumption of nuclear [A] testing and [G] he is re[A]minded
That [G] Dr. Robert [A] Oppenheimer's [D] optimism [G] fell
At the [A] first [D] hurdle

[D] In the Cheese Pa[A]vilion and the [G} only noise I [A] hear
Is the [D] sound of people [A] stacking chairs And [G] mopping up spilt [A] beer
And [G] someone asking [A] questions and [D] basking in the [G] light
Of the [A] fifteen fame filled minutes of the fanzine [D] writer

[D] Mixing Pop and [A] Politics he [G] asks me what the [A] use is
I [D] offer him em[A]barrassment and my [G] usual ex[A]cuses
While [G] looking down the [A] corridor Out to the [D] where the van is [G] waiting
I'm [A] looking for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

[D] Jumble sales are [A] organized and [G] pamphlets have been [A] posted
[D] Even after [A] closing time there's still [G] parties to be [A] hosted
You can be [G] active with the [A] activists Or [D] sleep in with the [G] sleepers
While you're [A] waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

[G] One leap forward [A] two leaps back Will [D] politics get me the sack?
[A] Waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

[G] Here comes the future and [A] you can't run from it
If [D] you've got a blacklist I want to be on it
[A] Waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

It's a [G] mighty long way down [A] rock n roll From [D] Top of the Pops to drawing the dole
[A] Waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

If [G] no one happens to [A] understand
Start your [D] own revolution, cut out the middleman
[A] Waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards

So [G] join the struggle [A] while you may The [D] revolution is only a T-shirt away
[A] Waiting for the Great Leap [D] Forwards
(repeat as necessary)